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iSight : How to turn iSight (really) off

As mentioned in the Title box - there are pages that were written a little while ago by EZ Jim, a poster on the Apple Discussions who contributed to iSight and iChat Discussions. The words the following pages are EZ Jim's

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How to turn iSight (really) off

If you have a Mac with an internal iSight, follow the instructions or see your retailer if you have concerns. This topic applies only to external iSights.

New users frequently ask why their external iSight feels warm (or hot) to the touch even though their Macs are in "Sleep". For some, the question is why iSight stays warm even though they have turned iSight "Off" by closing the lens cover per the instructions in the iSight User's Manual.

Never cover your iSight's air vents while it is turned on.

Apple's Tech Support Article iSight feels warm confirms that iSight gets warm -- but it should not get HOT. Warm is a normal and safe operating condition at Apple's recommended operating environment temperatures.

There are ONLY two times your iSight does not have power to it (and, therefore, only TWO times it does NOT feel warmer than its surroundings).

(1) iSight is not plugged into your Mac, or

(2) Your Mac is turned off. However. some G5 iMacs even keep Firewire power on when the iMac is turned off. For these iMacs, the ONLY way to be sure your iSight has no power to it is to unplug it (or the iMac.)

An iSight that is plugged in stays powered up (and warm) even if you put your Mac to sleep. If your Mac is awake, an iSight that is plugged in always stays powered up (and warm), even if the iSight's lens cover (white dot) is closed. Even when the tiny green light goes out, your iSight only enters a low-power, standby mode.

Mine gets noticeably warmer after extended periods of use, but, it is NEVER too hot to touch, nor is it so hot that it smells like a hot electrical device. I am sure neither of those conditions was anticipated in Apple's "don't worry about it" message in the document linked above.

If your iSight gets too hot to touch or begins to smoke or smell, take immediate action - but be careful not to burn yourself!

If your iSight stays warm when your Mac (other than G5 iMac) has been turned off for several hours, see your Apple retailer or Service Technician. Your Mac may need repair.


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