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iSight : Some Applications You Can Use With iSight

As mentioned in the Title box - there are pages that were written a little while ago by EZ Jim, a poster on the Apple Discussions who contributed to iSight and iChat Discussions. The words the following pages are EZ Jim's

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Some Applications You Can Use With iSight

Apple Products

Apple iChat AV that can text, audio, Video chat to other AIM and Jabber clients on other platforms as well as to Macs, and
snapshots ( iChat > Video > Take Snapshot )

Apple iMovie movie clips (must be iMovie4 or later)
(iMovie6 or later for internal iSight: Using iSight with iMovie)

Apple QuickTime Streaming Server serves video and audio streams of live or prerecorded content in real time via the internet

Apple QuickTime Broadcaster is Apple's live encoding software
for online delivery. (can capture video: see second part of this article)

Apple QuickTime 7 Pro record movie clips

Apple Safari for audio-video chat sites like iVideochat and Google's Video Service from their Web Mail pages. Both need you to allow control via Flash.

Apple Photo Booth Photo Arcade (Scroll Down in left column)
FAQ says only available with the MacBook Pro, iMac G5 (iSight) or
iMac (Early 2006) computer.

Snapshot Apps

WebcamTweaker makes snapshots and movie clips with effects

iCamShare videos or snapshots

CamGrabber snapshots

Movie Capture

SnapZ Pro records iChat AV (and other) windows

GCam movie clips

IveZeen movie clips & motion detection

iStopMotion record stop motion & time lapse Edit: 9 Dec 05
(May not work with the internal iSight in iMac G5 (iSight).)

BTV Pro Time lapse, Motion detection, Stop-motion, etc., captures

Videocue 2 teleprompter, video blog, and podcasting video production

Wirecast 2 webcasting studio application

Webcam Apps

WebcamTweaker makes snapshots and movie clips with effects

KeyCamX web cam or motion detection

ImageCaster offers several web cam functions for Mac

Wirecast 2 webcasting studio application

EvoCam Produces either a Streaming pic or jpeg grabs and publishes to a web page.

SecuritySpy More in the Motion Detection area. But can be viewed like a video stream.

Chatting and Conferencing

iVisit cross-platform text, audio, or Video (with audio) chat via internet

iSpQ Video Chat compatible with several apps

Marratech secure cross-platform web conferencing

SightSpeed cross-platform voice calling plus Video conferencing, mail, and blogs

Yahoo! Messenger text chat, video (NO Mac audio), basic web-cam

ohphoneX video conferencing & IP telephony

iVisit A Mac and PC alternative. (does not use AIM or MSN or Jabber)

Skype Cross Platform IP telephony and Chat client. Now has a Mac version for Video chat

PalTalk.com Like Skype.

Gizmo Says it can link to almost anything. Free to Download. Looks like calls to landlines cost like it does with Skype.

With a Flash able Web Browser iVideochat and The Video Service run from GoogleMail's Web Mail pages

MSN Messenger for Mac7 Has limited abilities and needs to be connected to a Windows Server.
(I know little more than what is on the web page, Ralph)

Other video capable apps can be found in Apple's Email & Chat and Video lists.

Barcode Reading Apps

EvoBarcode Scan barcodes

Delicious Library for scanning library bar codes
(Some report that plug-ins installed by Delicious Library cause conflicts.)

iSight as a surveillance or Nanny cam:

(some webcam functions) EvoCam Produces either a Streaming pic or jpeg grabs and publishes to a web page

SecuritySpy More in the Motion Detection area. But can be viewed like a video stream.

MacWorld Geek Feature on both.
http://www.macworld.com/2004/06/secrets/junegeekfactor/ on Evocom - Edit: by Ralph. I have tried this one. The AppleScript involved seems to want to be started twice to get this to work fully

http://www.macworld.com/2004/03/secrets/aprilgeekfactor/ On SecuritySpy
Oculus - User Tim Bush reports that it has one bug:-
"... When my Mac sleeps with Oculus active, the program will crash. No biggie, I also have another little piece of software that moves my mouse every so often so the Mac won't sleep. It's called "jiggler" it's great ... www.sticksoftware.com (jiggler) Free"

Add-Ons for iChat

From Eccam.

* iUSBCam allows iSight with slower Macs,
* PowerBoost allows multi-party video on slower Macs,
* iGlasses allows iSight image adjustment, and
* Conference Recorder records iChat AV chats.
They have other items on their site.

Other Add-Ons
iProfile (Not suitable for iChat 3.) Adds ability to add an Profile to the AIM servers for iChat 2.x

iCAR (Definitely Not suitable for iChat 3.) Adds Away Messages to iChat 2.x when Offline.

Now Playing in iChat (Not needed for iChat 3 & 4 as feature included.) Adds iTunes data as a Status Message.

iChat Streaming Icon Adds the Ability to send and receive moving Buddy iCons.

iChat Status A Preference Pane that controls some AppleScripts that add Status Messages in iChat 2.x (Not suitable for iChat 3.)

Showmacster So many features you have to see the site. Essentially sending anything as the video feed such as icons, video clips and the desktop. Also groups of Pics can be sent as Slideshows.

ChatFX Does what is says. Adds Photo Booth type and more features (about 70) to your live video or Showmacster's feed.
(Note: Not compatible for iGlasses.
Second Note: Does not works after OS 10.4.10 which includes late Tiger Updates and Leopard

Logorrhea More of a standalone that can examine your saved Chats. Can convert them the Text docs.

Chax Add several "features" not in iChat such as tabbed Text Chats. Has at least two versions for Download on the site for Tiger and Leopard which are not compatible with the other OS/IChat version.

This list is by no means complete.

See the links for features, terms, and instructions.
You may have noticed that some appear in two lists. This is because of cross-over attributes.


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