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iSight : Mounts For Your (External) iSight

As mentioned in the Title box - there are pages that were written a little while ago by EZ Jim, a poster on the Apple Discussions who contributed to iSight and iChat Discussions. The words the following pages are EZ Jim's

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Mounts For Your (External) iSight

Magnetic, Adhesive, and alternative iSight Mounts are available for iSight. Which you use is a matter of preference and which Mac you use.

The original iSight included mounts that used adhesive to attach to the Mac or Monitor. See About the mount adhesive for more info.

When sold, the latter iSights included the correct Firewire cables, some adhesive mounts, a magnetic mount for the G5 iMac and aluminum-framed Apple Displays, and a clamp-on mount for laptops.

See Apple's iMac G5- Mounting an iSight for a "how-to" on using the magnetic mount on the G5 iMac.

The iSight Users Guide (Manual) offers clear mounting instructions. Just follow the instructions, and be sure not to block any air vents when you mount your iSight.

The only other significant reminder is that you must NOT use the magnetic mount near the hard drive of your Mac laptop! You may risk damage to the drive or your data.

Replacements or updates for your Apple iSight mounts and iSight Firewire cable were once available in the Apple Store but no longer. (Associated Link Removed).

Some individual replacement items are available as explained on Apple's iSight Service: Frequently Asked Questions page. (Edit 14/9/2008; This article is not dated and I would not like to speculate on the availablity of those items)

Software and Mounting Combinations. For problem or unusual mounting applications, other mounts, including the Kaidan iSight Accessory Kit (link Removed as no longer listed) and the SightFlex (link Removed as no longer listed) are available from non-Apple sources. (Edit 14/9/2008; I have left the words as you may have more luck than I did with a Google Search)

You may also be able to find used or NOS (new old stock) alternatives such as the now out-of-production iFlex, which was formerly available from the same company that offers SightFlex. (EDIT 05Nov20)

The adapter in the Kaidan iSight Accessory Kit did allow use of accessory lenses. One frequently discussed accessory lenses is a wide-angle accessory (allows for an increase in iSight's field-of-view. See also Edit above)

Some users find a reusable adhesive like Bostik Blu Tack® works to hold their worn adhesive mounts.

These mounts, particularly when used in conjunction with iGlasses a software add-on for iChat AV that allows you to invert the iSight picture, provide very flexible mounting solutions.


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