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These iChat 1 pages are coloured Blue and have the iChat 1 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are.

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One of the menu places to start a Chat.

Create a Group Chat

New Chat opens a Group Chat window with the Participants Drawer out. Dragging Buddies from the Buddies List to the Participants Drawer will then bring up a dialogue box to type an Invite.


one to one Chat

New Chat With Person is a 1-1 chat with just one Buddy. The Chat window opens ready but a Dialogue box appears over the top to enter a Buddy's Name.

You will have to type the Screen Name in full so if they end in @mac.com then that bit has to be typed as well.



Go to Chat

Go to Chat is the Chatroom or Group chat option of a chat. This one is about joining a room or a Group chat that is already running. It can join an AIM chat room or the Drop Down can select Rendezvous.

On the whole the New Chat and Go to Chat tends to lead to the distiction of Public Chatrooms that are on the go all the time that you might discover in a Web Search and those created by you and your Buddies where an invite is likely to be sent to join the more personal room/Group chat.

The next section of the Main picture below the divider is about opening Saved Chats. In the Preferences you can get iChat to Save every Chat as it ends. Open can open those and Open Recent can reopen those that you have viewed before,

These are not means of restarting a Text Chat or a Group Chat that you have ended.

The Save A Copy As is a way of Saving the Current Chat or Group Chat at the point it is at.

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About This Page

The FIle Menu. Like most applications it is where the "New" items are for creating new chats of Various sorts.

I have shown here the three dialogue boxes that pop up with each choice.


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