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These iChat 3 pages are coloured Orange and have the iChat 3 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs from Version 1 by having the camera logo added and from iChat 2 by having the Running Man removed.

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2[3] 02 Status Messages Edit Pane. Oct 2008

This is the iChat 3 Status Messages Edit point.

The Status Messages can be changed.

Chosing the Edit option shown in the previous picture will open this pane.

The Plus sign will allow you to Add a Message to the Away or Available List but will not change your Message. This is so you can create a set of Mesages to use Later.

If you highlight one message you can use the - button to Delete it or double click a Message to open it to Edit it.

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This site is about iChat from Version 1 through to iChat 4.x.x

It has a mixture of basic info and problem solving help.

The sections below will change for Specifics about info on the page on view

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