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These iChat 4 pages are coloured Gray and have the iChat 4 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs little from the Version 3 version.


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3[3] 03 Stealth In Advanced. Nov 2008

 Changed. This part of the firewall has only minor changes. What was a UDP Port Blocking option has gone.

There is a Stealth Mode feature. DO NOT Enable this. It stops the Computer reponding to Pings. Some routers and routing modems also do this and it needs to be turnred Off for iChat. The same applies here even if you send Pings over the LAN you have.

Pings are used by some testing applications or Utilities that check if your compuer can see another. They can be abused by sending lots. However iChat sends a Ping as part of the Process to create the connection and having the Stealth Mode enabled will Block your computer from accepting this single Ping.

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The Ports entered in the MAc Firewall in Tiager (10.4.x) including Jabber, Bonjour, the Text Chatting port and the A/V ports.


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