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These iChat 4 pages are coloured Gray and have the iChat 4 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs little from the Version 3 version.


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4[5] 04 Alerts Preferences Nov 2008

This is the iChat 4 Alerts Section of the Preferences.

Using the drop downs and the tick boxes you can set sounds for actions within iChat to have their own sound and /or spoken phrase.

Alert Choices drop down

In the second drop down are the iChat sounds. The drop down is also divided to show the System wide Alert sounds and any sounds you have in your ~/Library/Sounds folder.

Once chosen the sound is played in everyday use at the volume you have set in System Preferences > Sound > Sound Effects tab for the System Alerts.

 Changed and New. Not so much as changed but Added to. Apple have changed the Auto Accept item to include Text Chats, Audio only Chats, Video Chats and Screen Share Invites in addition to the Ooriginal File Sending acceptence one. These are stored in /Library/Scripts/iChat. (that is Hard Drive then Library). You can add your own to a Folder in ~/Library/Scripts/iChat (that is Hard Drive/Users/(Your home folder/Library/Scripts/).

Using the Open Scripts Folder will open your Home Folder/Library/Scrips/iChat where as Choose Script will open to the Apple ones in /Library/Scripts/iChat.

By looking at the ones created by Apple it is possible to create your own Specific ones for Video Chats on an Invite Starting and another for when it has Ended (Extract just the Video line and change the wording to change Status Message from Accepting) Clue:-

using terms from application "iChat"
	on av chat started
		set status to away
		set status message to "In Conference . . ."
	end av chat started
end using terms from
and (but not formatted)
using terms from application "iChat"
	on av chat ended
		set status to available
		set status message to "I was Busy but Now I am Not"
	end av chat ended
end using terms from

There is also a New Auto-Decline one and the New iTunes Controller one in the /Librabry/Scripts/iChat set.

 Changed. The Spoken phrase, Announce When Event Occurs, is now a default for that action, such as the "(Buddy) has Logged in". The Buddy's name will be read as it is displayed in the Buddy List. The Voice used is whatever you have set in System Preferences > Speech. You can no longer change the phrase to read/say whatever you want.

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