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These iChat 4 pages are coloured Gray and have the iChat 4 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs little from the Version 3 version.


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5[8] 05 Buddies Menu. Nov 2008

This is the iChat 4 Buddies menu.

The menu method of Starting Chats once a Buddy is Highlighted in the Buddy List. This menu is also used as a means of starting the Add Buddy process.

iChat 4 gives you access directly to the Profile your Buddy has as an AIM valid name.

Overall the menu has been Streamlined to have stuff that only relates to info or the display of your Buddies.

Get Info card AddressGet Info Card Alerts tab

Show Info opens the Info card of the Buddy. The Shift key (⇑) shown as part of the Keystroke is not needed if you Highlight a Buddy in the List then use Apple (/ Command/⌘) key and i together like regular Finder Get Info. This opens a window three tabs.

Get Info Card Profile

The Show Profile option opens the same card but straight to the Profile tab. Even if there is no Profile as in this case it does show the capabilities of that Buddy.

Both these two options have to have a Buddy selected in the Buddy List.

Show in Address Book only works if the Buddy is in the Address Book. For this to work you have to have entered one or more of the following. A First Name, Last Name, Nickname or an email address. (iChat no longer assumes an @mac address is a Valid email and does not add these to the Address Book - this may be different with the newer @me addresses as they have to actively cancelled during the trial, so they will be valid and may get added - I don't have any Buddies with one yet.)

 Changed. Add Buddy works slightly differently depending on what you are doing. The main picture has the Buddy List active and the Buddy highlighted has already been Added. The name used to show but was greyed out when this happened. This is a change for iChat 4.

If any 1-1 chat is open then the Buddies Name will appear in the Add Buddy Spot - greyed out like before if already added - within square brackets for you to Add them from the Menu.

Whichever method you use to add a new Buddy will open the Add Buddy screen (See the separate picture series)

 Changed. The Invite to Chat has replaced to various options that used to be shown for Direct Chats and Group chats and plain 1-1 Text chats. There seems to be no difference between this and Send Instant Message.

Send Email and Send File speak for themselves. The files sent this way are the same as dropping a file on a Buddies Name. Chat does not have to be open. If you live in the United States then you may also have Send SMS in this section.

 New and Changed. Mainly as the Screen Sharing options have been added. The number of ways you can Start an A/V chat has been reduced. Whereas before if a Buddy had a Camera and a Microphone you had a choice of full 2 way chats or One-way chats for both Audio and Video, you now have a reduced selection.

The last section is where you can Block a person. If a Chat is open or a Buddy is selected in the Buddy List their name will show here (It is edited out in the main picture).

Ignore Person is a method to dismiss any Invite to Chat without answering it.

Request Authorisation is for Jabber Buddies when you first add them to the List.

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