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iSight : How to get iChat AV working again

As mentioned in the Title box - there are pages that were written a little while ago by EZ Jim, a poster on the Apple Discussions, who contributes to iSight and iChat Discussions. The words the following pages are EZ Jim's

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How to get iChat AV working again

iChat AV may suddenly "break" for some users. Symptoms may include inability to: launch iChat AV, log onto the AIM Server, successful connect for video, etc.

If you use iChat 3, also see Help for iChat AV 3 Problems.

If needed, the next step is to identify the problem that is causing your symptom. You also want to rule out causes that need not be investigated.

Can you connect in ANY way?
- If no, do other apps that use internet (Mail, Safari, etc.). connect?
- If no, reset your modem and router. Restart your Mac.
- If you still cannot connect, check with your ISP or responsible IT manager.

Has this happened just once, or many times? Quit all apps and restart iChat AV only. Try iChat again. If it still does not work, check with your ISP or IT manager. It may be a service interruption that is being repaired.

Does it happen with everyone, or a few? Check the Trouble shooting section of Ralph John's iChat AV Pages. If your problem is with only one buddy, make your first check "Can not connect to a certain Buddy".

You may Want to Test your iSight With Another Person? to determine WHO has the problem.

What changed just before it stopped working? (new equipment, software, updates, you moved, change ISP, etc.? Anything changed should be suspected. For instance, if the problem began immediately after installing a new update, did you remember to repair permissions after the update? If you did, your update process or the download file itself may have been compromised. Download a new copy from the Apple Support Downloads website and reapply. Repair Permissions before and after your apply the update. (How I Update My Mac OS X)

Do you connect via router(s), firewall, or wireless? Are you certain no one made changes without telling you? If you KNOW that there have not been changes, try removing all "intermediate devices" and connect your modem directly to Mac via Ethernet to check for failed devices.

If iChat AV now works, replace one item. If the problem recurs, remove the suspicious item again. If the problem goes away when the device is removed but returns when it is replaced, that device is a problem. If that device does not effect the issue, remove it again and repeat the process with a DIFFERENT intermediate device.

Make the switch at least twice on each device to be certain it is repeatable. Cables are also "intermediate devices."

If you are inside a company, university, or other LAN, consider that to be intermediate, too, even if you cannot remove it.

This is a lot of work, but, if all other attempts fail, it is the only way to KNOW you found all suspects.

If nothing but time has changed since iChat AV worked, consider OS X maintenance.

If you do not already perform regular OS X maintenance, try Travis A's Regular Maintenance / General Troubleshooting tips or Mac OS X maintenance now. For additional details and suggestions, see Gulliver's Mac OS X 10.3/10.4: System maintenance.

This Apple Article Article: TS1388 (Formerly Apple Doc #25392) may help: Isolating issues in Mac OS X

It is important that the Font Helvetica is active. For more on this see Kurt Lang's Font FAQ and this Apple Doc #300501iChat displays "Internal Error" when starting a chat with the Helvetica font turned off.

If you can't find a fix, post in iChat AV Discussions with relevant info requested in the "I suggest that you Post a New Topic..." part of this FAQ: When do I Post a New iChat Topic ?

Add the following to that list:
- If you connect via wireless, list all wireless equipment make and model info.
- Which elements could not be removed when you removed "intermediate devices"?
- Which of the items in this FAQ do you most suspect and why?

We will try to help you there!


Written By EZ Jim

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Updated September 2006

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