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Basically this page links to two series of pictures. One for a Linsys device and the other for a Thomson Alcatel Speddtouch modem that routes running version 4 firmware.

The point is to show you the differences there can be in the similar set up pages to achive the same things.

Linksys are quite popular and may be a direct source of help for some.

Essentially though these two folders were set up for comparisions so you can get an idea of where to look and the differences you might see on your devices.

Linksys Router

Thomson-Alcatel Modem

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This emulator site may also provide clues and assistance. The links shown often contain example pages from more than one device that then run the same as your device less the need for Passwords. Basically people have extracted the web pages from routers and routing modems and allow you to click through the pages and menus like it is an actual device.

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a link step page to two folders of pics form a router and routing modem as examples of the differences there can be.


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