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These iChat 4 pages are coloured Gray and have the iChat 4 icon on them that was in use at the time, so you know where you are. The icon differs little from the Version 3 version.


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6[8] 06 Video Or Audio Menu. Nov 2008

This is the iChat 4 Video or is no camera Audio menu.

If there is No camera this menu changes it's name to Audio (Cropped iChat 3 picture). It has the same controls other than Video Preview. As you may later connect a camera it has the Camera Enabled option but it will not be active.

Mute Mic and Pause Video chould not be used at the same time as no Data is then sent and the other end thinks the connection has been ended and will give the 10 Sec Error message.

Although there are Controls on the Video Chat window itself you can go Full Screen from the menu.

Snapshot of Chat

Take Snapshot takes a picture. There is no timer like PhotoBooth has. They are put on the Desktop. It works if you Click your own Video icon to see the Preview but not with the Preview shown in the Video Preferences pane. It will also work during a VIdeo chat as the picture on the left demostrates.

Connection Doctor Capabilities tab

Changed. This menu gives you access to the Connection Doctor which is also where brief Error messages appear as well as showing running Statistics during any open and active Audo Only or Video Chat. As well as the Statistics tab there is now the Capabilities tab which shows you what you can do yourself.

A note regarding the types of Error messages. When a Video or Audio chat fails a very brief description of why, appears over the still picture that is showing. A slightly longer one appears in the Connection Doctor. Since OS 10.4.7 (In Tiger) Apple have made a Pop up appear on failed Chats (Error Log). This somewhat hides the message on the window which you then never see if you send the details to Apple. However the Pop-up has a "Details" reveal triangle and you can read the report in full, (See page 16a for more details), before sending to Apple. These Logs are created with the help of Console and are stored in ~/Library/Logs/iChatConnectionErrors listed by date and time.

Video Preview is the same as you clicking your own Video icon.

Video Effects Pallet

 New.The Biggy !! Show Video Effects brings up a pallet a bit like the ones in iPhoto or iWeb, and is slightly see through.

It has a number of "Pages" controlled by arrows at the bottom. If you have an Intel Mac there are 4 pages. 2 of Effects and 2 of Backdrops.

As you can see from the Connection Doctor picture above Apple list the CPU as the deciding factor and G4s and 5s can not do Backdrops. Actually it is the Video card that is the controlling factor as iChat 4 pushes much to the Video card rather than process it with the main Proccessor(s). As Video cards can be updated and not be standard the Proccessor has been used to mark the difference.

Camera Enabled and Microphone Enabled have ticks next to them when Active. (it is the default state). Selecting either will trun the Camera or Microphne Off for iChat (the tick gets removed).

 New. You have to actively select that you will be willing to Share your Screen. It is poossible for someone to Share their Screen with you even if you do not have this selected.

Some Add-ons add things to this Menu as iGlasses does in th Main Picture.

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The menu to the right of the Buddies one. Can be called Video Or Audio depending if a Camera is attached or not.

This page lists New and Changed items and what each does.


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